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Document management solutions

Konica Minolta's Document Management Solutions operate end-to-end from document capture and store through to workflow processing and search. The solutions ensure files can be simply located and processed or updated and edited. The centralized sharing and storage systems ensure information is stored efficiently and securely.

The volumes of information we all need to capture, access, process and store continues to grow exponentially. In addition, more and more of this information or data is now digital. This creates a series of challenges.

  • How do you prevent data or documents from being lost?
  • How do you make data and documents easy to find and share?
  • How do you ensure sensitive information is secure and you comply with data protection regulations?

Capture, store and retrieve your important documents

Centralised sharing and storage systems ensure your team share and store information efficiently and securely. You can use our MFDs to implement a simple ‘one button’ operation that automatically starts a multi-step document workflow – capturing data, updating the database, indexing and storing the document.

Individuals can also use an MFD to capture documents, send it to their desktop for further processing, and then upload it to a cloud storage solution like One Drive or Box or share with colleagues via collaboration tools for further processing. Teams can also run batch jobs that can automate the processing of large volumes of documents, such as forms, as well as indexing and archiving those documents.

Document Management Made Easy

  • Need to access documents anytime, anywhere?
  • Need to provide access to all documents from different applications?
  • want a solution that is easy to implement without the need for a VPN or complicated connectivity requirements?
  • Want a solution that is always up to date with automatic software updates that doesn’t put additional strain on your IT department?

The discover Konica’s simplest interface on the market today

Discover FileStar

Intelligent Information Management

  • Need to improve one or more of your business processes?
  • Need to manage different types of content?
  • Need to reduce information access problems and confusion caused by silos?
  • Need to automate repetitive busines processes?
  • Need to support mobile working?

Then discover a more sophisticated document management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where its stored

Discover M-Files

Applications for Document Management Solutions

  •  Want to edit PDF, Create forms and digitally sign documents?

Enhance your document management experience

Discover Power PDF

To learn more about how our Document Management solutions can help your business manage its important files contact our experts today.

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